Mexican Food In Everett

Phillip and I drove to Everett Saturday morning. Brian and Kathi had organized a picnic centered around the Star Trek gang. The party had originally been planned to be at the Mukilteo lighthouse, but had to relocated, with less than 24 hours to go, to Forrest Park.

Phillip and I stopped by Kelly’s place, to drop some of our stuff off before heading over to the park. Kelly was in the middle of a remodel, and would join us at the picnic later.

Brian and Kathi did a fine job of not only organizing the picnic, but also of organizing a change of venue at the last minute.

There was a bocce tournament, in my honor.

Amy couldn’t make it to the picnic, but she and I had a good game of Words With Friends going. I shared the game highlights with Brian, so in a sense, Amy was at the picnic. (Yes, I was playing on my phone during a picnic, but I think this was special circumstances.)

Kelly sent me a text message. She was tired from the remodel, and would be skipping the picnic.

We finally returned Jason’s books to him, and got the computer monitors to Brian and Kathi.

After the picnic, Phillip and I drove back to Kelly’s place. We decided to go out to dinner, but none of us could decide on where we wanted to go. We finally agreed to pick a Mexican restaurant at random – some place none of us had ever been.

We found a nice little restaurant. It wasn’t too fancy, yet it had a live guitarist. The food was good. The three of us ordered the day’s special: super burritos. When our check came, and we pointed out that we’d been charged too much, our server discovered that someone had forgotten to change the “Special of the Day” sign. They corrected our bill anyway, and marked our burritos down to the special price.

The three of us went back to Kelly’s place and had a movie night in our pajamas. We watched an odd combination of Kubo and the Two Strings and Hot Fuzz.

Phillip and I spent the night at Kelly’s place. Phillip had a leftover burrito for breakfast, and Kelly and I had coffee and berries.

Phillip and I drove home this morning.

It’s been a terrific weekend.

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