In an earlier post, I wrote about a tram service bridge that connects Moonlight Fields’ leisure/tourist line with the tram depot. This bridge, I wrote, was extremely popular with pedestrians.

After that post, I decided to extend the tram line across the bridge. Citizens could still walk across the bridge, over the freeway, or they could catch a ride on the tram.

The design challenge was that Cities: Skylines does not allow end-to-end tram lines. Trams must make a loop. Making a loop in this area, where space is small, and the tram enters from a steep decline, and exits up a steep incline, gave me impossibly sharp turns. (The game allowed the trams to make less-than-45-degree turns, but it doesn’t look realistic.) Demolishing the nearby park, to make more room, was an option – but an option I wanted to avoid.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Phillip and I, working together, came with this final design. The bridge branches into a Y intersection, to lessen the grade and soften the turns. There’s one, busy stop at the bottom. Citizens can still walk over the bridge, if they prefer. The park wasn’t demolished. I like this design we came up with.

Tram Bridge redesign

Phillip doesn’t play Cities: Skylines, but he does offer advice and critiques occasionally. And, sometimes, he helps me design things like the tram bridge or this bicycle bridge that loops for an easy ride between the lakeside bike path and the office district above it.

Bike Ramp

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