The Big Move Of ’14

There are a few of my coworkers who did not experience the big move of 2014. There are many, like me, who were there when our company moved its office from Cascade to Downtown. I feel like an old-timer telling the kids how it was back then.

Compared to the move ahead of us, the big move in January of 2014 was a whole lot easier – at least from the perspective of my coworkers and me. Over the course of a week, we took our personal belongings home. Then, on Friday afternoon, we packed our desks into shipping crates, labeled everything, and went home. After a three day weekend, we reported to work on Tuesday morning in Downtown, found our new cubicles, unpacked, admired the new view, and adjusted to the new surroundings.

The move ahead of us will be both smaller and more complicated. Our department is switching locations with another department on another floor. It’s not going to be as easy as switching desks, however. Our two departments are different sizes, so cubicles in both locations will be torn down and rebuilt with new configurations. It’s going to take most of the month of August. Plus, office work is going to continue during the move. I’m glad I wasn’t on the committee that figured it all out.

Those with the ability to telecommute will work from home for the duration of the move. For them, it will be like the big move of ’14 – stretched from a weekend to a month. Those of us who are in the office five days a week will be moved into conference rooms, storerooms, and cubbyholes.  We’ll be working out of boxes at our feet, while constructions goes on around us – for a month.

My job was entirely analog – paper and pen work – when I started here, five years ago. It’s a lot more digital now, but not entirely – I still need a place to store physical files and I need desk space for more than just a keyboard.

I have a bamboo plant that moved with me from Cascade to Downtown. I have a few more plants at my desk now, thanks to the recently-retired office gardener. All of our plants will have their own space in a conference room.

I’ll be sharing a table with two coworkers in a tiny room currently used for one-on-one conferencing.

August is going to be an interesting month.

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