Not A Typical Morning

I decided, on a whim, to walk up the hill this morning and catch light rail all the way to Pioneer Square – rather than ride the 47.

I walked out of Pioneer Square Station and, on a whim, stopped into Biscuit Bitch for breakfast to go. I got a Straight Up Bitch (biscuits & gravy) and, instead of my typical latte, I tried something called Seattle Fog.

Seattle Fog is not coffee. It’s Earl Grey tea with streamed milk and orange zest. It was delicious, and a nice change of routine, but it won’t be replacing my lattes.

I got into work, and planned out how my day should go. Should I devote my morning to packing or working? Should I save the packing for the last hour of the day? Or should I alternate between the two?

I decided to go for the third option: packing, working, packing, working throughout the day.

Then, at 11:00 this morning, with a half-filled box at my feet and a half-finished project on my desk, movers showed up at my desk and announced that they were ready to move my computer.

I logged off and shut down my computer. The movers took my computer away. I was confused. This wasn’t supposed to happen until this weekend, while I was at home. I looked around and saw that it was happening to all of my coworkers.

My computer, and those of two of my coworkers, were moved into the tiny room we’ll be sharing for the next month. But there were already computers in the room. So we worked on other people’s computers for a while. Bookmarks and program links we use every day weren’t there, and had to be rediscovered.

Our director stopped by and apologized for the mix-up. The move was supposed to happen this weekend, but signals got crossed. Our computers were soon set up.

I’m not complaining. I’m not placing blame. This is a complicated move, and there are bound to be hiccups along the way. Having the director stop by to personally apologize went a long way to making it all better.

I knew I’d be in a tiny room, working out of boxes, for a month. It just started a few hours earlier than expected, that’s all. It’s all good.

Phillip had a doctor’s appointment this afternoon. We met up at Cal Anderson Park, outside of Capitol Hill Station. We had a nice walk through the park, and an early dinner at Lost Lake. Then we caught a 9 bus home.

It’s been an unusual day.

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