Twenty-One Dollar Movie Tickets

Last night, Phillip and I watched a film named A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night. It was the latest from our Netfix DVD queue. I loved it a lot. It’s about a vampire, but I wouldn’t call it a vampire movie. It takes place in a fictional Iranian town named Bad City. Everyone speaks Persian. It was filmed in California, and shot in gorgeous black & white. One main character is known only as the girl. She’s the vampire. The other main character is a rockabilly loner named Arash. The girl and Arash have a platonic romance going, but I wouldn’t call it a romantic movie.

Here’s the trailer, which doesn’t describe the film any better than I did:

Today, Phillip and I rode light rail to Downtown, to watch the movie Atomic Blonde. We’d planned on watching it in 2D. Because of the Seafair parade, we planned on getting there early, and just hanging around a bit.

We arrived at the theater ten minutes before the 4DX showing of Atomic Blonde would start. We decided to experience what 4DX is all about. Our tickets cost $21 each.


4DX is this new gimmick that supposedly immerses you in the whole movie experience. Your big living room style moves, rolls, and shakes with what’s going on in the movie. Air and water mist blow on you at appropriate times. Strobe lights flash.

Atomic Blonde was a great, action-packed movie. The 4DX experience wasn’t so impressive.

Midway through the movie, Phillip whispered to me: “Never again”. I agree. It was a unique experience, but not worth twenty-one bucks.

There were a few times when the 4DX worked well. A character is surprised by a sudden gunshot, and I felt air whiz past my ear. It added to the shock. During a fight scene, my chair jerked around, and punched me in the back. It was quite effective. Most of the time, however, it felt unnecessary. When a car in driving along a road, it didn’t add to anything to feel my chair vibrating.

After the movie, Phillip and I walked over to Target and did some shopping.

Then we stopped into Steak n Shake for lunch. We’d never been there before. It lived up to the hype.

Steak n Shake

Then we walked over to University Street Station, and caught light rail to International District/Chinatown Station. From there, we rode the streetcar to Capitol Hill.


On Capitol Hill, we stopped into Phoenix Comics and Games, long enough for me to buy Volume Four of Saga.

Then we stopped into Rocket Fizz to stock up on weird candy and soda.

Then we walked home.

It’s been a fun day.

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