Air-Conditioned Buses

We’ve started an Excessive Heat Warning in Seattle. It started today. Temperatures will be in the 90s through Friday.

It was standing room only on the 47 bus this morning. That’s unusual. My guess is that it had to do with the weather. Why walk when the buses are air-conditioned?

At work, we’re advised to turn off all unnecessary lights (always good advice), and to lower the window shades – to keep the building cool. Of course, on our side of the building these days, the majority of people are construction workers tearing down the cubicles.

The move is going well. I’m impressed. Any problems that do crop up are quickly fixed by management. I doubt I’ll get used to working out of a box at my feet, but we’re all doing our best.

I chose to ride a 47 bus home, to lessen my walking time. (It’s not a bad idea.) The 1 bus going up 3rd Avenue was jam-packed. The 47 wasn’t nearly as full, but that was probably because a 10 and 11 stopped right before it.

The highlight of my commute home was passing by The Eagle just in time to see a family of tourists stop to take a group photo in front of the building. I suspect that they were posing into front of the rainbow streamers, rather than in front of a leather bar. I could be wrong however.