An Afternoon As A Gadgeteer

Today was an “open game” afternoon in Everett. Brian, Kathi, Daniel, Philip and I met up for food and games. We had no game planned, but rather agreed to decide when we all got there. Maybe it would be role playing, or maybe it would be a board game. Maybe there would be dice involved, or maybe not.

We ended up playing Star Munchkin. It was a game Brian and Kathi had bought at Wizards of the Coast – way back when Wizards of the Coast had a store in the University District – and had never played until today.

The game was fun, once we figured out that the rules were not as complicated as they seemed on paper. I played as a gadgeteer. It was a challenging and cutthroat game, which Daniel won.

As always, the food was potluck, and, as always, there was way too much.

Unfortunately, Phillip wasn’t feeling well, and we had to leave early. Other than that, it was a fun afternoon.