Moonlight Fields Needs Cricket Players

The city of Moonlight Fields is booming. It has surpassed a population of 90,000, with plenty of space to grow.

The city has a cricket field, and is currently seeking a professional team. Currently, the field attracts only curious park goers.


Moonlight Fields International Airport is bringing in a wealth of tourists. Its mass transit system can easily shuttle visitors to any of the city’s museums, nightclubs, stadiums, parks and performance centers.

International Airport

The city has tried to make even the busiest parts of town pleasant places to walk or relax.

Archway Park

Disaster Park

The city’s original freeway interchange, linking the oldest part of town, an industrial area, a tourist district, and a football stadium, was once the location of massive traffic jams. The freeway has undergone a major redesign. Service roads now tunnel under the freeway, away from the interchange. Road diets were put in place. Mass transit has been boosted. Traffic in this area is much better. There are always improvements to be made.

Freeway Interchange

Moonlight Fields continues to suffer the occasional sinkhole, tornado, forest fire, and earthquake. But the city’s disaster team is there to move citizens out of danger, and prevent as much damage as possible.

Fire Helicopters