Zoo Day And More

Yesterday morning, Phillip and I drove to Cristina’s place. Then the three of us drove to Woodland Park Zoo.

Cristina and Phillip and I met up with Sophia and Pat (visiting from Québec) and Colin and Sam. The zoo hadn’t opened yet, and we stood around chatting. Christina hadn’t met anyone in the group, except for Phillip and me. Phillip and I hadn’t seen Sophia and Pat in over a year – maybe even two years.

While we were chatting, a rodent of some kind came running out of the bushes, ran into the side of my shoe at full force, gathered itself, and ran into the bushes on the opposite side of the walkway. I hope it’s OK. We weren’t sure if it was an escapee from the zoo, or a local Phinney Ridge resident.

The heat wave had ended in Seattle that morning. None of us had dressed for the change in the weather. It probably wasn’t that cold, but in comparison to the last two weeks, it felt like it was freezing.

When the zoo opened, our first stop was an official group photo. Our second stop was the penguins. Our third stop was the gift shop, where we all (except for Phillip) bought souvenir hoodies. Phillip didn’t think it was that cold, and, besides, he believed it would warm up later in the day.

We spent a fun day at Woodland Park Zoo. We were seven people, wandering at random through a park that isn’t laid out intuitively. We got lost a few times, and members of our party got separated, but it was all part of the adventure.

Zoo Bear

We had many, many fun conversations. We were a good combination of friends and family. We saw the animals, had lunch, rode the carousel, and watched a show. The weather did warm up, but none of us removed our hoodies. The weather was pleasant.

We spent around six hours at the zoo.

Phillip and I took Cristina home. Then we spent about an hour recovering from the zoo. Then we drove to Colin and Sam’s place. Sophia and Pat were there too, of course. (Sophia is Sam’s mother.)

CiderSophia and Pat surprised Phillip and me with a gift of locally made cider, bought from a farmer’s market in Québec. That was completely unexpected but greatly appreciated.

We had a wonderful evening of conversations, jokes, stories, fondue, and Cards Against Humanity until almost midnight. Then Phillip and I drove home.

Yesterday was an amazing, terrific day.

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