Just As I Thought

I’ve gotten into the habit of riding the 47 bus home for the past couple of weeks. Today, I had a hold waiting at the library, so I rode Link.

Pioneer Square Station felt different. It seemed noisier. There was an aura to it that I couldn’t quite identify. I went down the stairs from the mezzanine, and saw that the platform was packed with people.

There was either a transit disruption or a sporting event somewhere, I figured.

A northbound 2-car Link train was just leaving the station. I made my way down the platform, but before I got halfway, a northbound 3-car Link train arrived. I didn’t have time to get to the third car, so I boarded the middle car. Despite having a train less than a minute ahead of it, this car was packed. I managed to find a seat, however.

It had to have been a game, and judging by how happy everyone seemed, we must had won.

Just as I thought, the Mariners played the Orioles this afternoon, and we won 7-6.

Meanwhile, we received an email at work today, telling us the final phase of the move will start in two days – or maybe a day and a half. I’ll be moving out of a cramped meeting room and into a proper cubicle on another floor.

They never did move a third person into our room, and my roommate and I have gotten along well, but I will be very happy to get out of there. I’ll be happy to have a window again. I’ll be happy to have a proper filing system again – one other than papers stacked on a table top. I’ll be happy to find my scissors again.

But, really, it hasn’t been bad.

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