Concerts Keep The City Going

I’ve been playing Moonlight Fields longer than I’ve played any other city in Cities: Skylines, far beyond the point where I typically would call a city “finished”. I’ve unlocked all the tiles I can unlock. I’ve unlocked all the buildings and monuments I want to unlock (in other words, all the positive unlocks). Moonlight Fields still has room to expand, but there’s no demand for expansion, and I don’t feel the need to add any more sprawl.


(Hollywood Alphabet Pack by Crazyglueit, from the Steam Workshop)

Moonlight Fields is a successful city. It has a good income growth. Its needs for health, garbage disposal, and safety are met. Citizens are happy. It survives fluctuations in population. It maintains an average population of 110,000 citizens. It survives disasters.

I keep playing the city. I tweak  little things here and there. I fix busy intersections, and alter transit lines. I add landscaping here and there. I’m enjoying this city a lot.


The thing that keeps me playing Moonlight Fields, more than just the enjoyment of a fine city, is the Concerts DLC.

Concert level 1

Concerts is like a game within the game. It’s like the Match Day DLC, but with more a more active player role. Rather than setting up the right conditions for a football stadium and then sitting back and watching your team’s wins and losses, Concerts allows upgrades to a festival area based on meeting certain criteria. The upgrade is a reward for hosting successful concerts. There are two upgrades (three levels of festival area quality) available. It’s a lot of fun.

Concert level 2

I did fine on the first level, and advanced to the second level. But now, I can’t figure out how to boost the bands’ popularity. In fact, all three bands are gradually losing popularity. I don’t understand it. The festival area has a monorail station, a metro station, a blimp station, and taxi stands next door. There’s a train station, with both local and intercity lines, a few blocks away. There’s a metro stop at the train station, in case you don’t want to walk to the festival area. There’s direct access to and from the freeway. As far as I can tell, no one should have trouble getting to the show.

Music Experience

I have advertising and the premium practice studio turned on. I’ve tried increasing ticket prices, and I’ve tried lowering them. I’ve tried adjusting the security budget up and down. After achieving a popularity of 80 in level one, NESTOR has dropped to 73. Once in the 50s, Lily La Roux and Elijha MOTI are both at 20. I need one band to have a popularity of 85 for the second upgrade, and I don’t know how to get there, and the internet, so far, hasn’t helped me.

But I keep playing.

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