West Edge?

Phillip and I rode light rail to Downtown today, took advantage of the Smithsonian Magazine’s Free Museum Day, and spent the morning at the Seattle Art Museum.

While we were waiting for the museum to open, Phillip spotted a very small sign, high up on a lamp post, that said “West Edge”. He asked me what West Edge is. I looked it up (yea smart phones!) and learned that West Edge is (or wants to be) a neighborhood of Seattle. According to the West Edge Neighborhood Association, the borders of West Edge are Union Street, Second Avenue, Columbia Street, and Alaska Way. There’s something new I learned today.

After the museum, we walked over to Pike Place Market. We had lunch at Sound View Cafe, right before the place got packed. We explored the weird and fascinating shops in the lower market, where few tourists venture.

I bought shampoo at The Soap Box. While the woman was mixing my tangerine sea kelp shampoo, she told me that they were selling a lot of shampoo today, and mostly to “boys”.

We stopped into Metzger Maps, where Phillip bought a map of evolution we’d seen several months ago.

Then we rode a 49 bus home.

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