A Gaming Return

Today was a day of role playing with Kathi, Brian, Joe, Laurie, Kelly, Daniel, Phillip, and me. We returned to Changeling: The Dreaming, moving the setting from Seattle to Port Angeles. Some of us who had played before picked up where we’d left off, with our same characters and a back story to explain the move. Some of us were new to the game and created new characters.

(As I type this, it sounds to me like I’m describing the new season of some TV show.)

I’m playing the same character I played before. I didn’t do much preparation before today’s gaming session. (I couldn’t even remember my character’s name.) I figured it would all come back to me as we played – which proved to be the case.

My character’s name is Jessica Peppercorn. She’s a 12-year-old girl who wants to be a professional writer. She writes a blog named Queen of the Stix. (She is not happy about moving away from Ballard.) She also writes Twilight fan fiction. (After I created that part, I realized that I don’t know anything about Twilight, so I may phase that out.) She’s a good student who enjoys research. Both of her parents work for the School District. They live in a nice house in town.

In her natural fae life, she is an Eshu. She’s a natural storyteller, and a descendant of Shahrazad. In the previous game, Jessica inherited Shahrazad’s lavish palace, making her a valuable member of the team. She is also a fierce fighter who possesses something called the “word of destruction”.

Not much happened in today’s session. It was mostly getting the new players acquainted, and the experienced players up to speed.

It was a fun day of friends, dice rolling, Brian’s stew, beer tasting, and hilarity.


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