That Block, Updated

This is a follow up to last Thursday’s post: Bad Street Design?

There are a lot of traffic changes going on in Downtown Seattle, and the surrounding areas. I’m happy with what I see. I love all the new bike and bus lanes. I love the crosswalk signals timed to give car traffic a few extra seconds to turn right off of 4th Avenue, toward the freeway. I love the crosswalk signs at Broadway and John, timed to give pedestrians entering and exiting Capitol Hill Station a few extra seconds to cross the street.

The only reason I was motivated to write about that one block last Thursday was that it seemed out of character with the rest of the traffic changes. I started writing the post to rant about a bad design, then changed my opinion mid-way through the post, and finished up writing about the mystery of that block.

This week, the design has changed. The bus stop, which used to take up the entire block, now takes up only the first half. The Bus Only lane now ends mid-block. I haven’t seen a design like that before. Car traffic continuing westward on Pine Street now has to merge in front of the buses. It seems a little odd to me, but I’m no expert. Maybe it’ll work.

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