Laundry Day

As we prepared to leave for the laundromat this morning, I checked on the status of my latest library eBook hold. It had come in. I downloaded Kafka on the Shore to my phone, and I had something new to read while doing laundry.

I had discovered Haruki Murakami when I read 1Q84 for the Reading Challenge. I loved that book. Next, I read Norwegian Wood, which reviewers had told me was not one of Murakami’s better works (some were even disappointed), but I chose it simply because it was available for immediate download. I loved it, but not as much as 1Q84.

The wait for Kafka on the Shore, by Haruki Murakami, had been about two weeks, with me starting out in position 11 for 8 copies. I was willing to wait, because it’s supposed to be one of Murakami’s best works (according to those same reviewers) and also one of his stranger stories. I started it at the laundromat, but got only as far as the middle of the second chapter. I’m looking forward to this book.

(Phillip, meanwhile, is reading The Golem and The Jinni, which I read for the Reading Challenge and have been recommending to everyone.)

It was a quiet morning at the laundromat. There was no competition for machines, seats, or carts.

There was a homeless (I assumed) man in the laundromat who seemed to be just hanging out, charging his phone, and not doing laundry. He didn’t seem to be in full control of his movements, but wasn’t really bothering anyone. He wandered out of the laundromat, leaving his phone behind.

I wondered if I should run after him, and remind him of his phone. He seemed to be sticking close by, however, so I thought he was just getting some air.

He came back in, picked up his phone, and left again. He left his charger behind, however.

He returned again, picked up his charger, and took a nap on one of the laundromat benches.

There are several possibilities as to what this man was doing. My only concern was that he might lose his phone. Once I saw that that wasn’t the case, I returned to my reading.

I thought I got lucky when I found an empty dryer with 24 minutes left on it. I loaded my clothes, and inserted a quarter. My quarter jammed in the slot. I managed to fish my quarter (or, at least, a quarter) out and saw that there were several coins jammed in the machine. So much for my free 24 minutes. I loaded my clothes into another machine and paid my full 42 minutes.

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