A Coffee Shop in Belltown

Last night, Phillip and I decided to see Blade Runner 2049 today. We’d heard the movie is visually stunning, so we wanted to see it on the huge screen at The Cinerama. With the movies as popular as it is, we knew The Cinerama would probably be sold out, and we’d probably have to settle for the AMC theater that used to be The Sundance.

We contacted Cristina, and she said she’d love to join us.

Phillip and I went online to buy our tickets. We checked with The Cinerama first. It was nearly sold out. There were single seats here and there, and a couple of double seats. We did find three seats together – B9, B10, and B11 – way in the back of balcony. They would have to do. A bad seat at The Cinerama is better than a good seat at the AMC 10. We bought them.

Phillip and I rode Link light rail to Westlake. We were early, as we knew we would be. It was cold out, however, and we agreed to go into a coffee shop somewhere. Phillip suggested the Starbucks at Westlake, but I wanted to discover some little coffee shop we’d never been to. I figured that with all the upscaling going on in Belltown, and with The Cinerama being such a hip spot, the area must be filled with hip little coffee shops.

We walked from Westlake to The Cinerama, and didn’t see a single coffee shop – not even a Starbucks. I don’t get it. We walked to Top Pot and had coffee and doughnuts. There is, at least, one coffee shop in Belltown.

Top Pot

Cristina met us at the theater. We bought snacks, and went upstairs to find our seats. Row B is not in the back of the theater, it’s in the front, on the lower level. That makes perfect sense, but Phillip and I knew we’d chosen seats in the back of the theater.  We were both looking at the seating diagram at the same time last night.

I figured out what happened. We’re used to theater seating diagrams placing the screen, or stage, at the top. The Cinerama places the screen at the bottom. (I tested this theory right before writing this post. The AMC 10, The Seattle Opera House, and Thornton Place Theaters all use screen-on-top diagrams. The Cinerama doesn’t. Of course, the diagram does say the screen’s down here, but we were looking for seats, not reading the diagram.)


Our seats, two rows back from the screen, weren’t bad.

While we had been waiting for Cristina, outside of the theater, I kept hearing the box office turn away ticket buyers – the showing was sold out. While the previews were playing, I looked around and saw a whole lot of empty seats. What was going on? Was the theater not selling some areas? Were that many people buying tickets and not showing up?

Blade Runner 2049 was wonderful. I would call it a masterpiece. It had enough cameos and nods to satisfy our nostalgia, while being a whole new story. It felt like Blade Runner, but a believable thirty years later. And yes, it is visually stunning. It is gorgeous, even when the landscape is bleak.

After the movie, Cristina and Phillip put me in charge of choosing a lunch spot. I chose Steak ‘n Shake, on Third Avenue.

Over lunch, we learned that Cristina has never seen Blade Runner. In fact, she’d never heard of it until Blade Runner 2049 came out. We don’t know why she’s our friend. (joking)

After lunch, the three of us went shopping at T.J. Maxx and Ross. I’d never been in either place, and Cristina had never been to either The Cinerama or Steak ‘n Shake. That made it a very good day.

Then we got on a 49 bus. Phillip and I exited on Broadway, and Cristina continued on to the U District.

2 thoughts on “A Coffee Shop in Belltown

  1. Over the past 17 years or so I’ve seen Blade Runner more times than I can count. Its my husband’s favorite movie – next to Princess Bride. We haven’t seen 2049 yet. He’s looking for the perfect download. Going to the movies isn’t in our budget. I’d prefer to spend it on chemical free food.

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