My Commute

I had to fill out a survey at work today. It was a survey about my commuting habits. It was required by the city. (I don’t know if “required” or “requested” is the right word.)

I actually enjoy completing surveys, especially when they help my city understand overall commuting trends. It likely helped my employer get whatever benefits it gets from reducing traffic Downtown.

It was a short, quick survey – all multiple choice. It asked only about my trips from home to work last week.

I worked five days last week, Monday through Friday. I don’t telecommute. My one-way commute is two miles.

I rode either a bus, train, light rail, or streetcar five times. I used two transit agencies: King County Metro Transit and Sound Transit. I used a single-occupancy vehicle zero times. (I’m assuming that excludes a bicycle or motorcycle, but even if it didn’t, the answer would still be zero.)

I was asked to pick up to three reasons why I didn’t commute in a single-occupancy vehicles. My employer subsidizes my transit pass. Parking is expensive. It’s good for my physical and mental well-being.

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