Fare Dodger

I boarded a Link train at Westlake Station this morning, as usual. At the next stop, University Street Station, two Fare Inspectors boarded our car. That was unusual, to have fares inspected that early in the morning. (Which is the point, I suppose. Fare inspections shouldn’t be predicted.)

The train left the station, and one Fare Inspector started at the back of the car, three rows behind me. The thought came to me that he’d get to me just as we reached Pioneer Square Station, and I’d get up to leave, and I’d look like a fare dodger. It wasn’t a serious concern, of course. It was just an amusing thought.

The Fare Inspector did reach me before we reached the station, and scanned my ORCA card. In fact, both Inspectors checked the whole car – including the one tourist who had to find her ticket in her purse – and exited with me at Pioneer Square.

Those Fare Inspectors are efficient.

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