End Of A Smart Era

I found an email from car2go this morning. (It was sent to an account I don’t check every day, so the email could be a few days old.) The email informed me that car2go is phasing out its Smart fleet in Seattle, and going toward an all-Mercedes-Benz sedan fleet.

I’m paraphrasing and reading between the lines here, but it sounds like two main things are behind this change. The Smart cars are nearing the end of their fleet lifespan (car2go has been in Seattle for about four years), and Smart is no longer offering combustion engine cars in North America. (I wonder if car2go is going to continue using electric Smarts in other cities.)

I don’t remember the last time I rented a car2go. It’s been a long time since I’ve needed one, and when I’ve wanted one, there are none is my area, and when there are cars2go in my area, I haven’t wanted one.

It’s the same want-vs-availability situation with ReachNow.

I haven’t used Zipcar in so long that I’m not entirely sure that my account is still active.

I’ve really enjoyed driving those Smarts.

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