Welcome To Dos Patos

Dos Patos is a city situated between hills and water.

Dos Platos


Its timber industry provides sustainable income and employment for Dos Patos, while the gleaming towers of the city’s tech companies keep the office workers busy.


The remote farming community of Klondike Fields was struggling, until its business owners got together and made a commitment to organic, locally produced goods. Now there is such a high demand for farm workers that Klondike Fields must make a decision for its housing: sprawl or high-density?

Klondike Fields

Dos Patos is a green city. It produces power from wind, geothermal, and solar plants. It has several neighborhoods of self-sustaining housing and eco-friendly buildings. Many of its citizens travel in biodiesel buses or electric cars. Its network of trains, monorails, and trolleys run on sustainable electricity.

Green Neighborhood

Green Building

Dos Patos is growing into a major metropolis. Its skyline is constantly changing.


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