Let’s Take A Ride On The Dos Patos Monorail

Klondike Station

The Dos Patos Monorail, optimistically named Line 1, is currently the city’s only monorail line. It begins, and ends, at Klondike Station, in the farming community of Klondike Fields. The residents of the community have mixed opinions of the high-density growth near the station, which contrasts with the traditionally single-household houses of the farm workers.

Monorail and Highway

The monorail travels alongside Highway 1, the only other passenger connection between Klondike Fields and the rest of Dos Patos.

Highway Crossing

The monorail crosses over the highway, descends to the shoreline of Duck Bay, and continues into the metropolis of Dos Patos.

Duck Bay Station

The next stop is Duck Bay Station, across the road from The Boat Museum and a public beach.

Sewage Teatment

The monorail provides a visual barrier between the sewage treatment plants and the nearby neighborhoods.

Monorail and Stadium

The monorail passes by, but does not stop at, Dos Patos Stadium. The football stadium is already connected to frequent train, trolley, and metro service.

Freeway Station

The next stop is Freeway Station, where passengers can transfer to a metro to Dos Patos Stadium, or to a train to the city’s popular concert center. As this area grows, additional train and monorail lines may connect to this transit hub.

Freeway Crossing

The monorail crosses the freeway and enters an area ripe for growth.

Starr Institute

The final stop is Starr Station, in the center of the Starr Institute’s office complex. Then, of course, the line heads back toward Klondike Fields.

Thank you for riding the Dos Patos Monorail.

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