Not Enough Room

As soon as we got up this morning, we packed up clothes and detergent, and drove to the laundromat.

The laundromat was rather empty, but there were a couple of women (mother and daughter?) who had somehow taken up three-fourths of the washers and dryers. And, of the remaining machines an unusually high number of them were out of order. But we managed to find enough machines for us.

(I realize, now that I’ve started this blog post, that it would be helpful to know how many washers and dryers the laundromat has. Unfortunately, I don’t know. I’d estimate between 20 and 30 washing machines, and maybe that many dryers. I haven’t been in many laundromats in my life, but I’d guess this is a small to medium sized laundromat.)

We came home, put away our clothes and detergent, and relaxed a bit. Then we drove up to 15th Avenue for lunch.

We walked into Ada’s Technical Books & Café, but all the tables were occupied. So we walked over to The Wandering Goose. Again, all the tables were occupied.

Life in the city.

So, we walked over to El Farol – and old favorite of ours – and had lunch. El Farol is never crowded.

Phillip picked up a prescription while we were on 15th. Then we had a nice, leisurely drive north, through the U District, Roosevelt, and Greenwood. We had a nice, but too short, visit with Amy in Crown Hill.

Then we drove home.

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