Shopping Carts And Lights

Phillip and I stopped into the Silver Lake WinCo on our way to gaming in Everett today. The store was busier than I’d ever seen it. There were shopping carts blocking every aisle. Most carts were filled to the brim with food. (Oh yeah, it’s the Sunday before Thanksgiving!) It took us a lot longer than usual to get through the checkout line, but it wasn’t bad. Our checkout person took it all in stride, and kept a cheerful attitude through it all.

Gaming was fun today. It was a session containing more character study than action. (What happened? We went to a tea party.) It was a full table, with Brian, Kathi, Kelly, Joe, Laurie, Daniel, us, and a whole lot of food.

When we arrived at Joe and Laurie’s house, Joe and Daniel were busy helping Brian replace the tail light bulbs in Kathi’s car. (Kathi had been stopped by the State Patrol, and given just a warning, for a burned out taillight.) That got Phillip and me wondering when we’d last checked the lights on our car.

We had little doubt that our car’s lights were working. We have a small car, and we see the lights reflected on the walls of our parking garage. Still, we made it a point to check the tail lights, brake lights, backup lights, and turn signals when we got home. Yep, all good.

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