Water Consolidation In Dos Patos

The neighborhoods surrounding Duck Bay, in the city of Dos Patos, are residential, with some commercial shops. When the city was smaller, the beach land of Duck Bay was taken over by water pumps and sewage outlet pipes, simply because there was nowhere else to put them. Sewage poured into Duck Bay. As Dos Patos grew, its outlet pipes were replaced with eco-friendly sewage treatment plants. The water of Duck Bay became cleaner, but the residences’ view of the bay was blocked by unsightly pumps and treatment plants. As the population of Dos Platos grew, so did its demand for water. More pumps and treatment plants were added, and Duck Bay lost more of its beach. Citizens had a small beach area, with a boat museum and a fishing pier, but they wanted more. They wanted to enjoy Duck Bay.

Sewage Teatment

Sewage treatment plants on the beach

The City of Dos Patos took action. It overhauled its water system in a big way.

First, the city dug a u-shaped canal east of Duck Bay and lined it with the water pumps which were relocated from the beach.

Pump Center

A more compact arrangement

A similar technique was employed for the city’s sewage. A canal was dug along the waterfront next to Dos Patos Regional Airfield, west of Duck Bay. The treatment plants were relocated along the sides of the canal, and pipes were rerouted.

Sewage Center

Landscaping is scheduled

It was a time-consuming and expensive public works project, but citizens are happy with the newly reclaimed beach. A redesigned waterfront, with parks and trails, is underway.

Duck Bay Beach

It needs benches

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