Frozen Pie

Phillip and I had a wonderful, amazing Thanksgiving dinner with Colin, Sam, and Lola. It was at Sam and Colin’s place. There was more food than the five of us could possibly eat.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Sam and Colin did the cooking, including appetizers and drinks. Lola brought a delicious root vegetable medley. Phillip and I brought a frozen pie and ice cream.

Unfortunately, Lola had to be at work early in the morning, so she couldn’t stay past dinner. After dinner, Colin and Sam and Phillip and I played Joking Hazard and ate pie and ice cream.

Phillip and I drove home, feeling stuffed, and went to bed.

Now, about that pie. Phillip and I bought a pre-made frozen coconut cream pie at QFC. We put it in a freezer bag so it wouldn’t thaw out on the surface street drive from Capitol Hill to Lake City. As soon as we got to Colin and Sam’s place, the pie and the ice cream went right into their freezer.

After dinner, after a round of Joking Hazard, we all decided we had room for desert. Sam took our pie out of the freezer. He read the directions. It was supposed to thaw for two to three hours before serving. The concern we’d had about it thawing out on the drive north had been unnecessary. That pie we had with our ice cream was an apple pie Sam had made – his first time making a pie. It was delicious.

It was a great Thanksgiving.

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