Yes, I Had A Plan

Despite the chilly, drizzly afternoon, I asked Phillip if he wanted to walk over to Blue Stone for some Korean lunch. He said yes. We started getting dressed immediately.

I slung a small bag over my shoulder and told Phillip I also wanted to stop into Phoenix Comics and Games while we were in the area.

“Oh,” he replied, “That’s why you suggested Blue Stone.”

“Sure,” I said, “I had this planned out.”

On the walk over to Blue Stone, Phillip was surprised that I hadn’t crossed Summit Avenue with him. Then looked over his shoulder and saw me heading toward the mailbox in front of Pretty Parlour, with a Netflix return envelope in my hand.

“Yes,” I called over, “I had this planned out.”

We had a nice lunch at Blue Stone. We got there at just the right time, as usually happens to us. (Except for the times we’ve walked to Blue Stone on a Sunday, only to find it closed for the day.) When we walked in, there was just one occupied table. In the middle of our lunch, people were waiting at the door for an available table.


On the walk over to Phoenix, I suggested that we turn off of Olive, walk down Belmont, and then up Denny. It was the long way to go, so why did I suggest it? Because we’d never gone that way, that’s why. We saw places we’d never seen before. That’s always fun.

At Phoenix Comics, I bought Volumes 6 and 7 of Saga. When I’ve read these, I will have caught up with the Saga story – until Volume 8 comes out at the end of this year.

Phillip bought the latest Squirrel Girl issue at Phoenix.

Then we took a meandering walk home.

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