A Ride Up The Hill

I’ve been hanging on to some illness for about a week. It’s nothing major – fatigue, mostly, some sniffles.

On Friday, Phillip office had its after-work holiday party. I rode a 74 bus from Pioneer Square Station to a couple of blocks from the party. That 74 is a nice, handy  route when you want to get to the U District at the end of the day.

On Saturday (yesterday) I spent the day inside our apartment.

Today was Writers’ Group. I didn’t want to miss it, because we were welcoming a potential new member. He’s a friend of Russ, and has a couple of self-published books out. I was still slightly under the weather, though, and I wasn’t looking forward to the walk up the hill. Before I asked Phillip if he needed the car today, I checked on the frequency of route 10. It was running frequently enough that I didn’t ask for the car.

I walked over to Olive and got to the bus stop about a minute before the 10 arrived.

There was still some walking involved, from home to Olive, and from 15th Avenue to Barbara’s place, but it was all flat, except for one downhill block. It was a nice day for a walk, too.

The new guy couldn’t make it today, so it was Russ and Barbara and me. I brought a piece that was a re-written version of my blog post about the night the power went out. (I was thinking it was a good way to introduce the new guy to my rambling day-in-the-life style of writing.)

It was a good afternoon.

I rode a 10 bus back down the hill, after a 3-minute wait on 15th.

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