Yet Another Late Discovery

As seems to be my habit, I’ve discovered something delightful only after it’s ended.

I follow the Geoff Marshall’s YouTube channel, but I haven’t yet subscribed to it. He does tours of the London Underground, and finds interesting quirks in the stations. He also does a series in which he visits the “least used” train stations in the UK. I visit it every once in a while, when I’m in the mood to listen to something besides music and “life in Japan” videos.

Yesterday, while listening to Geoff visit a least used station, I discovered that, earlier this year, Geoff and his partner Vicki Pipe went on a crowd-funded journey to visit every train station in Great Britain. Of course, I’ve discovered it after they’ve completed the journey.

It took them 105 days to visit all 2,563 train stations. The journey was recorded on 59 videos, plus some “bonus content” videos. The All The Stations web site is here, and the YouTube channel is here.

I was listening to the videos today. I got through the 12th one when I realized I’d somehow gotten them out of order. Not being all that familiar with Great Britain, I didn’t notice the jumps in geography until I stopped watching and noted where I’d left off.

Geoff and Vicki obviously had a lot of fun touring the country, meeting people, and finding interesting sites. I’m having a lot of fun watching them.

Here’s Episode 1, Day 1 of All The Stations:

(Oh, and I’ve subscribed to Geoff’s channel.)


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