Which Option To Get There?

Saturday was a NorWesCon meeting, immediately followed by the Volunteers’ (and families’) Holiday Party. They were both at the DoubleTree Hotel, in SeaTac. Phillip drove to the meeting without me. I caught up with him later, with cans of soup for the food drive and presents for the gift exchange, on Link light rail.

I caught Link at Capitol Hill Station, rode to Angle Lake Station, and rode RapidRide A to the hotel. I can’t decide which I prefer: Exiting at Tukwila Station and continuing on the A to the hotel (which involves crossing that massive, busy intersection at Pacific Highway S and S 188th – twice), or riding past the hotel to Angle Lake and catching the A back north to the hotel (which involves crossing the less busy intersection of Pacific Highway S and S 200th – once. The northbound RapidRide A then stops at the edge of the hotel parking lot).

Actually, the best option should be exiting at SeaTac/Airport Station, walking over the bridge, and then walking less than a mile along Pacific Highway to the hotel. I’ve tried it, though, and it’s an unpleasant experience. With a busy, noisy highway on one side, and nothing but massive parking lots on the other side, it feels like a lot longer walk. The area is just not designed for pedestrians.

Another option, which occurred to me during my 9-minute wait for the RapidRide A, might be to exit at Angle Lake and walk a mile along the looks-more-pleasant 28th Ave S, and over to the hotel.

Anyway, it was a fun party, and the gift exchange was sped up with a combination of playing cards and 10-sided dice (rather than the traditional numbers drawn from a hat). I don’t know exactly how it worked, but it worked well. At the end of the party, I had a nice tin (shaped like an Irish farmhouse) of Irish toffees, and Phillip had a wonderful book named The Moon Shines Down, by Margaret Wise Brown and Linda Bleck. (Whoever put those presents in, thank you.)

We gave Shaylee a ride home to Belltown. I drove. A poll about taking the freeway or surface streets resulted in two votes for “either one” and one vote for “surface streets”. So, I drove to Belltown via surface streets. Along the way, Shaylee (a native Brit) and I discussed British Railroads and the many shows about them.

I got up Sunday morning around 7:00. At nine, or so, I started dozing off on the couch, so I went back to bed. My Sunday was spent with having too much sleep, which resulted in the feeling that I couldn’t get enough sleep. We didn’t get to the Holiday Market at Westlake. We didn’t get to anything at all on Sunday.

Sunday night, we stayed up until 11:30 watching the “Winter” and “Spring” episodes of The Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. Disc 2, with “Summer” and “Fall” is on its way from Netflix.

It was normal commutes, and a typical day at the office, for me today. I realized, on Saturday, that Link light rail has lost its sense of newness and adventure for me, and that that’s a sign of its success.

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