Star Wars And A Beer

Phillip and I had no plans for today, until Phillip asked me if I wanted to go see The Last Jedi. I appreciated that. I know I’m more of a Star Wars fan than he is.

We went the AMC 10, in the U District. It’s the place that used to be The Sundance. So far, they haven’t gotten rid of either the kitchen or the liquor, although they’ve taken down the menu signs and replaced them with hand-written paper sheets announcing the price of drinks and referring people to the hand-held menus. The lobby signs saying “AMC Dine-In” look pretty permanent, however.

When we used to go to The Sundance, I would order a beer, just because I could. Now, when we go to the AMC 10, I always order a beer, just because I still can.

I ordered a “Left Coast Philly” to go with my beer this afternoon.

Movie Dinner

We saw The Last Jedi in 3D.

I wish the present-day Star Wars films would drop the nostalgia, and the cameos, and move forward with the story. (I liked what Rogue One did with creating a whole new self-contained story, and tying it into the saga only at the very end.) That said, I liked The Last Jedi a lot.

It had great visuals. (I loved Snoke’s throne room as an opera set!)

I recently watched a video from Mimei Land, in which Mimei and Duncan went to go see The Last Jedi. After the movie, Mimei remarked that she loved all the Pokémon. I think that’s both funny and apt. I loved all the critters in this movie.

I’ve tried to stay away from reviews and spoiler before seeing this movie. It’s been tough to do. One thing I have heard is the movie described as “divisive”. Fans either love it or hate it. That’s actually one of the main reasons I’ve wanted to see it.

If a movie gets mostly good reviews, I’ll probably want to go see it. If it gets mostly bad reviews, I’ll probably want to stay away.

But, if a movie gets very good reviews and very bad reviews, if it’s “divisive”, I definitely want to see it – right away. This is a movie that takes chances, that breaks the mold, and creates something we haven’t seen before. That’s how I felt about The Last Jedi. It wasn’t perfect, but it took chances, and I enjoyed it.

The Last Jedi is a movie worth seeing in 3D, with a beer.

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