Here I Go Again

I am starting a third year with doing a Reading Challenge. I start with a little more wisdom, but still not enough. I know that I can read fifty books in a year, and that I don’t need to combine Categories, like I mistakenly did in 2016.

I’m not any better at judging the length of library holds, however. I wonder if anyone, even library employees, can accurately predict how long someone’s hold will last. There are so many unpredictable factors, such as suspended holds and early returns.

Once again, it is the unpredictability that makes this whole thing so much fun for me.

A book I thought would take another month to arrive, went “In Transit” before the end of December. A book I put on hold two days ago went “In Transit” today. An eBook I expected to be downloaded to my phone by now, is still on hold.

Meanwhile, I’m currently reading a book. And three more will be arriving any day now, probably all at once.

I’ve never read like this, and I don’t, when I don’t have a Reading Challenge going.

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