Riding To The Group On The 10

Today was Writers’ Group. I hadn’t written anything. Phillip had purposely not planned on anything that involved him needing our car, so I wouldn’t have to walk up the hill.

I got up this morning and took some painkillers. I sat on the couch and tried to finish reading a book. I realized that I was spending quite a lot of time staring at nothing in particular. The painkillers had kicked it. I decided it was best that I not drive a car.

I walked over to the library, dropped off the book I managed to finish, and caught a 10 bus up the hill. (So, I didn’t walk all the way up the hill, and I avoided the steepest part.)

Writers’ Group today was Barbara, Mariah, Russ, and me.

Russ has a friend, a self-published author, who’s been interested in joining the Group. The problem has been that Sundays don’t often work for him. We decided today that there’s really no reason we have to meet on the second Sunday of the month – it’s just a tradition left over from when Writers’ Group was a church activity – and there’s no reason we couldn’t meet on a Saturday sometimes. So Writers’ Group will meet on occasional Saturdays from now on.

I read my blog post about taking our car in for an emission test. I think it went over well.

I rode the 10 back down the hill. (Russ would have offered me a ride, he told me, but he’d already given the free seat in his pickup to Mariah.)

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