The First Appointment

A coworker read my blog post from last Saturday – the one in which I contacted a chiropractor. This coworker gave me a glowing recommendation for a chiropractor in my neighborhood. It was the chiropractor I’d contacted.

I hadn’t heard back from them yesterday, so I stopped into the chiropractor’s office on my way home from work. The office is just three blocks from Capitol Hill Station, and a nice, easy walk. Getting there for any future after-work appointments is going to be simple.

The receptionist was friendly, understanding, knowledgeable, and helpful. He offered me a 4:45 appointment today. By adjusting my work schedule slightly, that worked out perfectly. I got a good vibe from the office. I’m glad I went there in person.

I spent about an hour with the chiropractor today. We talked, he did some tests, and he offered some recommendations. I felt we have a lot in common, and share a similar viewpoint regarding treatments and medication.

I have my second appointment tomorrow, after work.

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