Visit Four

I had my fourth visit with the chiropractor this evening. I’m very pleased with him and his office.

My third visit was Saturday morning. As I was waiting to cross Olive Way, the chiropractor’s office called to say that the chiropractor was running about 15 minutes late. I thought that was rather nice of them. I replied that I was almost there, so I’ll just come in and read a book.

The chiropractor explained that everyone wanted to get an appointment in before the Women’s March. That’s why he was running behind schedule.

Saturday morning, I was feeling great – completely pain free. The chiropractor did some maintenance.

My chiropractor predicted that I’m going to have good days and bad days. I told him that that sounds right to me.

Today was a bad day. I wasn’t in pain, but more like discomfort. (I suspect that a big difference between Saturday and today, is that on Saturday morning, I hadn’t been sitting behind a desk all day.) The chiropractor went easy on me today – no table drops.

At the close of today’s visit, the chiropractor told me that if I start feeling worse tomorrow, to give him as call. I have an appointment on Wednesday.

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