A Weekend Of Adventure And Discovery

Early Saturday morning I received a notice on my phone, from Google. It was a reminder that I had until tomorrow to pick up a hold at the library – “based on a recent email” it said.

This was the first time I was aware that my phone was not only reading my email, but taking appropriate action based on what it read.

(I’d already picked up the hold, by the way, but hadn’t yet deleted the email from the library.)

Late Saturday morning, Phillip and I started packing up for our weekend in Everett. We left a little past noon. Kelly was expecting us “sometime after noon”. Phillip was driving. I sent a text message to Kelly, letting her know we were on the freeway.

Kelly’s response started with “Oh boy.” Her message went on to say that she’d sent an email to Phillip earlier that morning, saying that she wouldn’t be home until two.

No problem, I replied, there’s plenty to do in Everett.

Phillip exited I-5 at the South Everett Park & Ride. As he circled up to 112th Street, he asked me, “Left or Right?” “Right,” I said, for no particular reason. We had plenty of time for adventure.

A couple of blocks away, we found a Heaven Sent Chicken. We hadn’t known there was a Heaven Sent in Everett. We went in for lunch.

Over lunch, Kelly sent me another text message. She’d be home earlier than two.

After lunch, I took over driving, since I know my way around Everett a little better than Phillip. We went to Bobokhan Toys to browse around.

While we were in Bobokhan, Kelly sent me a message saying that she was home, and asking if we’d eaten lunch yet. I told her to get some lunch, since we’re browsing around in Bobokhan.

Eventually, we got to Kelly’s place. We spent a fun afternoon with Kelly and her mom, playing games, eating take out Chinese food, watching some Jack Reacher movie starring Tom Cruise, and just hanging around.

Phillip and I spent the night at Kelly’s place.

Phillip, Kelly, and I spent most of this morning shopping around Everett, and searching every Asian market we could find for shrimp and barbecued pork.

This afternoon was a gaming session, but Kelly developed a headache during our shopping trip, and had to bow out. So it was Lori, Joe, Brian, Kathi, Daniel, Phillip, and me for an evening of role playing.

It was a fun weekend.

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