Library Cards Are Free, But Pepsi Is Not

Last night, Phillip and I decided to order a pizza delivery from a place up the street, to eat while we watched some episodes of Doctor Who. I decided I wanted a Coke to go with my pizza. They didn’t have Coke, but they had Pepsi. I prefer Coca-Cola, but I’m not opposed to Pepsi. I ordered a two liter bottle of Pepsi.

I knew the pizza place was going to overcharge me, but that’s fair. They’re covering the cost of delivery, and all. I could have walked less than two blocks to the corner store and bought some Coke, but I was feeling lazy.

Phillip phoned in our order. Our bill was over forty dollars – way more than we usually pay for a large pizza delivery. How much did that Pepsi cost, we wondered, after Phillip hung up.

The pizza and the Pepsi arrived. I looked at the bill. That two liter bottle of Pepsi cost $7.50. I learned my lesson.

This afternoon, Phillip and I met Cristina at Wayward Coffeehouse, in Roosevelt.


WaywardWe played several games of Duple over coffee – a Mudder’s Mocha for me, and Phillip and Cristina both had Minbari Mochas. (Wayward advertises itself as “an independent coffee haven for geeks”.)

A Mudder’s Mocha is wasabi, chocolate, and coffee. A Minbari Mocha is cayenne, cinnamon, chocolate, and coffee.

After several fun games of Duple, in one of which I tried to play “Nelbert” as a name, we went shopping at Ten Thousand Villages. Then we walked over to Rain City Burgers (a place Phillip and I have driven past a thousand times, but had never gone into until today) for a delicious lunch.

Then the three of us got in our car and drove up to the library in Shoreline to apply for King County Library cards. Phillip and I have had Seattle Public Library cards for decades. Cristina had never had a library card.

(Seattle is the county seat for King County, but the city and the county maintain separate library systems. And yet, residents of Seattle can use the King County Library, and vice versa. There’s a story behind that, but I don’t recall what it is at the moment.)

Getting our library cards was quick and efficient. Phillip, Cristina, and I were directed to three different computers, where we filled in our information. We selected the option to pick up our cards at the Shoreline Library. Then we walked over to the check-out desk and picked up our new cards.

Phillip and I can now check out books from any King County Library, but we can’t have them delivered to a Seattle Public Library. We can, however, download eBooks from both library systems.

We dropped Cristina off at home, then Phillip and I went home.

It was a fun and productive day.

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