A Book Involving A Heist

Heist Society, by Ally Carter, was published in 2010. It is the first book in a series.

The first sentence is: “No one knew for certain when the trouble started at the Colgan School.

Heist SocietySomeone put the headmaster’s mint-condition 1958 Porsche Speedster on top of the school fountain, right in the middle of the quad. Things like that never used to happen at Colgan School. The school used to have standards.

Now, sophomore Katarina “Kat” Bishop has been called in front of the school’s Honor Board, facing expulsion for the Porsche stunt. Kat pleads innocent.

Ordinarily, the headmaster would review Kat’s records, except that she’s been at Colgan for only three months. Her records from one of her previous schools burned in a mysterious fire. Her records from another school were destroyed in a computer crash. So, all the Honor Board has to go by is the evidence.

Kat’s ID card was used to exit the dorms past curfew that night. Someone looking just like her was seen on security cameras that night. The Porsche’s license plate was found in Kat’s dorm room.

Kat isn’t that stupid. She knows where all the security cameras are, and how to avoid them. She knows how to leave the dorm without using her ID card. She knows exactly how she would have done it – if she had done it. She’s also smart enough to avoid saying any of that to the Honor Board.

So, Kat is expelled from Colgan School.

Kat soon finds out who framed her, and why.

Kat Bishop doesn’t want to go back into the family business. That’s why she conned her way into a boarding school in the first place – to get away from the thievery life. But, now that she’s been expelled from Colgan School, she has no choice.

Someone has stolen five paintings from a powerful mobster. All the evidence points to Kat’s former partner in crime, her father. The mobster has sent out a warning: If his paintings are not returned in two weeks, there will be retaliations.

Kat’s father claims to have a perfect alibi: He was stealing paintings in Paris at the same time the mobster’s paintings were being stolen in Italy.

Teenage Kat Bishop, with the help of her teenage billionaire friend W.W. Hale the Fifth, has two weeks to locate the stolen paintings, steal them again, and then return them to the mobster’s heavily guarded villa. This is no ordinary job. They’ll need a team of the best thieves they know  – their heist society – to pull this off.

I enjoyed this book a lot. Heist Society is a fun, globe-hopping tale of adventure and mystery. It’s a tale of plans being made and cons being played. The story flowed well and the characters were interesting.

Although it is the first in a series, the story in Heist Society is self-contained. At the end, the main characters make it clear that they will be back for more adventures.

Why I chose this book:

I did an internet search for “books involving a heist” and found a nice, long list of books to choose from. I read down the list and stopped when I saw Heist Society. I immediately put it on my “For Later” shelf at the library, without knowing anything about it, because it seemed perfect that a book involving a heist would have the word “heist” in the title.

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