My Decision

I had another chiropractor appointment this afternoon, and I haven’t had back pain in over a week – maybe even two weeks. I don’t remember the last time my back hurt.

I wasn’t sure what my future of chiropractic care would be – or should be. I talked it over this afternoon with a couple of coworkers – both of whom have ongoing chiropractic care.

One coworker pointed out that it’s entirely my decision. The other pointed out that the chiropractor’s opinion will be biased, no matter how open he appears to be to my input – it’s his livelihood, after all. Both of these were obvious to me, but I greatly appreciated their input. To the second coworker, I replied, “Yeah, it’s like asking a salesperson if this expensive shirt looks good on me.”

I had the talk with my chiropractor. I told him that I feel like I should end the treatment, but I’m also concerned that the pain could return. This wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced back pain, and it this may not be the last time, either, I said.

The chiropractor listened to me without interruption. When I was finished, he told me that he is amazed at how well the treatment has worked on me. He offered me two options: We could make this my last appointment, or I could schedule regular maintenance – for instance, ever month or two. It was my decision, he told me. I didn’t feel any pressure either way.

I have an appointment in a month, for maintenance. I promised my chiropractor that if I experience back pain before then, I would call for a sooner appointment.

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