Tomorrow Is Sunday, Tomorrow Is Sunday

Kelly and her mother came over this morning. They and Phillip drove to Lunchbox Laboratory for lunch. An hour later, I walked up the hill to Writers’ Group.

I’ve been a member of Writers’ Group for 17 or 18 years. When I was invited to join, it had already been meeting for at least 10 years. It used to be a church group, meeting on the second Sunday of every month. After Writers’ Group separated from the church, it continued to meet on Sundays. It has always met on a Sunday, until today.

Last month, we decided to meet today, a Saturday, to welcome two new members, both of whom typically work on Sundays. We agreed, last month, that they was actually no reason for us to meet on Sundays – it had been merely a matter of tradition.

James lives across the hall from Barbara. He works in a bookstore. I didn’t put this together until this afternoon, but James lives with Isobel, who I met last April when she and I took turns sitting with Barbara, after her fall.

Chris is a friend of Russ. He’s a self-published author, who has been looking for a writers’ group for a long time. He’s even tried forming his own group.

So, today’s Writers’ Group was Barbara, Mariah, Russ, James, Chris, and me.

The downside of meeting on a Saturday is that Rebecca was unable to join us.

Mariah read Haiku. Barbara read poetry. James read stories about working in a bookstore. Chris read a short story. Russ read a speech he’ll be reading to a labor organization. I read a couple of book reviews from my blog.

It was a lively group, and we all brought things to read. I feel our two new members are going to be a good fit.

We’re scheduled to meet on a Saturday in March.

I went to Writers’ Group today, and I’ll have to keep in mind that I’m not going to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is Sunday.

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