There Are Things You Won’t Find On This Blog

Last night, Phillip and I watched the movie Scott Pilgrim vs the World. It was the second time we’d seen it, and it still makes us laugh. We had both read the Scott Pilgrim comics, and loved them, before we saw the movie adaptation.

As we watched the movie last night, Phillip asked me how we discovered the comics. I didn’t remember.

I vaguely remember us reading the comics together. I’m fairly sure we borrowed them from the library. I’m also sure we read them in the original black & white. Did we read the six volumes separately, or as a collection? Did one of us borrow it, and the other read that copy? Getting back to Phillip’s question, how did we learn about the comics in the first place?

After the movie, I went to this blog. A search for “Scott Pilgrim vs the World” yielded no results. A search for “Pilgrim” showed me posts about us going to steampunk sales at All Pilgrims Church. I did searches for “Scott Pilgrim” and “comics” and “black & white”, until finally concluding that there are some things I don’t think are important enough to blog about, yet later become important.

Now, once this post is published, there will be at least one search result for “Scott Pilgrim vs the World”.

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