Another Snow Report

Today was a day of gaming in Everett. Kelly has decided that the game isn’t her thing, so her satyr has become an NPC. We were joined today by Lynn, who wanted to merely observe, but seemed interesting in joining, sometime in the future.


Brian cooked this ham.

PB lasagna

Joe made this peanut butter lasagna.

I’m not sure I fully grasp this game, but I’m having fun playing along. We have a great group of gamers.

These days, it seems like a post on this blog wouldn’t be complete without a snow report.

During our game, it started raining heavily, with snow mixed in. Google reported that it was 45 degrees outside. The snow wasn’t sticking to anything except deck furniture and some grass. Joe and Laurie’s ducks and chickens obviously weren’t enjoying it.

On our drive home, it started snowing, and sticking to our car’s windows, at Lynnwood. Farther south, the freeway started turning white. We exited at 175th Street, waving to our second library as we passed, and took surface streets the rest of the way home.

Starting in Maple Leaf, the snow started coming down hard. It was sticking, but not piling up.

Driving down Roosevelt Way NE, a pickup truck ahead of us tried to turn right onto NE Campus Parkway, but couldn’t stop, so it kept going across the University Bridge. The roads were getting slick. Phillip and I arrived at the same idea simultaneously: That it would be easier to go up Capitol Hill via 10th Avenue, rather than our usual route, the much steeper Belmont Avenue.

10th Avenue was slick, but the snow turned to rain, and the streets lost their slickness, right when 10th Avenue leveled off and merged into Broadway.

As we drove along Broadway, the snow on our roof and windshield began melting and chunks of snow slid down the windshield.

It was a fun day, and we made it home safely.



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