Movie, Burgers, Dungeon

Last night, Phillip and I went over to Colin and Sam’s place, in Lake City. Sam cooked us homemade hamburgers, while Colin and Phillip and I watch The Conjuring. We couldn’t let Sam watch the movie because it gave him nightmares the last time he watched it. It didn’t stop Sam from peeking out from the kitchen every once in a while.

The burgers were delicious!

After dinner, we played Dungeons & Dragons. None of us had ever played it before, and half the fun was trying to figure out the rules. (We never did figure out if the rulebook was using the words “square” and “tile” interchangeably.) It was a cooperative game, and we all won. It was a whole lot of fun.

Phillip and I finally gave Colin his birthday present, a month late.

We left their place around midnight, and slept late this morning. We did some house cleaning. We didn’t even leave the apartment, except for trips to the recycling and compost bins, and to the corner store.

I didn’t turn my phone on until four o’clock this afternoon.