The 47 bus didn’t show up this morning, again. I didn’t receive a text alert about it, again.

I walked up and over to Olive Way, and just missed a 10 bus. OneBusAway told me I had a 10 minute wait for the next 10 bus. So, I continued walking up to Capitol Hill Station, and rode Link light rail to work. I got to work on time, as always.

When I boarded Link, a guy was getting a lecture from a Fare Inspector, because the guy didn’t have a ticket. The Fare Inspector also gave the guy directions on how to get to King Street Station.

I’ve filed a complain with Metro, again, about not being alerted when the 47 doesn’t show up.

The last time I filed a compliant, Metro told me the 47 hadn’t shown up because they had no available drivers. They also advised me to sign up for text alerts. This morning, in my complaint, I referenced both of those things.

I told Metro that there were about a dozen people at my stop this morning, relying on Metro to get them to work. I asked that the next time their drivers don’t bother showing up for work, at least let us know whether we should keep waiting or seek out another route, because we want to show up for work. I told them that I want this service repaired.

I told Metro that I’ve been signed up for text alerts for years. I’ve signed up for alerts for the 8, 10, 47, 49, 60, the streetcar, and light rail, and that I receive timely alerts for all of these – except the 47. I told them I want to know why I don’t receive alerts for the 47.

(I forgot about the 43 in my compliant – I also receive text alerts about it.)

My complaint this morning was angrier in tone than my previous one, but I was in a bad mood.

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