A Face On A Bus

I must not have slept well last night. I woke up feeling groggy. I had a headache.

I got myself out of bed this morning, in order to get Phillip out at the right time to catch a 47 to get to Westlake Station in time to get to a NorWesCon meeting.

After he left, I considered going back to bed for a nap. I considered skipping Writers’ Group.

I wanted to go to Writers’ Group, however. Our group has achieved a new dynamic, with new members. There’s a whole new vibe to Writers’ Group on Saturday.

I started walking up the hill. I realized I was already feeling tired, and I hadn’t even reached Broadway yet. I checked OneBusAway. A 10 was due at Broadway & John in 4 minutes. I could make it.

I had a 2 minute wait for a 10. I boarded the bus, and looked around for seats. There was a face I recognized. It took me a moment to recognize her – it was a face out of context. It was Mariah.

I sat down next to Mariah. We chatted on the bus ride up to 15th, and we continued chatting on the walk to Barbara’s place.

It was Barbara, Mariah, Chris, and me at Writer’s Group. James, Russ, and Rebecca couldn’t make it.

I read a piece of a piece today – just an idea I had for steampunk Seattle.

Mariah read a variety of things, involving death, language, and other topics.

Chris and Barbara both read portions of novels-in-progress.

Afterwards, Chris and I walked to John Street together, chatting all the way. We caught buses going opposite directions.

It was a fun group today, even though we had missing members.

By the way, check out Chris’ blog here.