I came home from Writers’ Group yesterday to an empty apartment. Phillip hadn’t got home from his NorWesCon meeting yet.

I hung my coat up, took off my shoes, and sorted through the mail I’d picked up on my way in. I checked my phone for any new messages from Phillip.

I walked into the bedroom to change clothes. Oh, Phillip did get home before me. He was taking a nap.

I wrote a quick blog post. Then I went in for a nap.

I woke up. Phillip was still sleeping. I went into the living room. That’s when I first noticed the Post-It note on the bedroom door. “Get me up at 6:00 please,” it said in Phillip’s handwriting. It was 4:30, or so. I looked up the address for The Dane.

I got Phillip up at six. I was remembering that the show was at 7:30, so I was still lounging on the couch when Phillip, with his coat on, placed the car key on the table. No, he corrected me, the show’s at 7:00.

I got ready, we left the apartment, and we drove to The Dane, in Crown Hill.

We were supposed to see Cowbell’s final show last month, but, because February’s dates and March’s dates looked identical on a calendar, we got mixed up and missed it. But then, Cowbell did another final show last night.


It was a good show. I think Cowbell’s gray-haired hippie sound is better suited to a venue like Blue Moon Tavern or Bud’s backyard, but the band sounded good in The Dane. They did a couple of songs that neither Phillip nor I had heard them perform before.

Right before I sat down to write this blog post, I noticed a Post-It note on the hallway wall. “7:00 15th & 80th The Dane,” it said in Phillip’s handwriting.