A New Bus Schedule

There was a Spin bike in the rack inside the Link train this morning. I wondered if someone had picked it up a station to have transportation from their destination (not a bad idea), or if someone had dropped it off there (a bad idea).

I caught a 7 bus up 3rd Avenue this evening. The driver had an odd pattern of speeding up and slowing down – in places where trolley bus drivers don’t typically speed up or slow down. Then I remembered that Metro started a new service schedule last Saturday, and I realized that there were a lot of new drivers out there.

(There wasn’t any change to my morning 47, so I’d forgotten about the service change.)

Just as she pulled into the stop at 3rd & Pike (the last stop for the northbound 7), our driver lost the poles (pulled them off the wires) and she coasted into the stop.

I got to the stop at 4th & Pike. Just as I started to check OneBusAway, I saw a 47 bus approaching.

The 47 loaded its passengers. The traffic light turned green, the lane ahead was empty, so the driver floored it. I thought to myself: “He’s going to lose his poles speeding through the switch ahead like this.”

And he lost his poles.