Poles, The Next Day

It’s actually very rare that I see a trolley bus in Seattle lose its poles. So, to be inside a bus while it loses its poles is remarkable. To be inside two buses, losing their poles, in one day, as I was yesterday – that it was blog-worthy.

Today, I experienced the opposite effect.

I caught a 1 bus up 3rd Avenue this evening. At 3rd & Union, we were stopped by a crew doing something on the overhead wires. As our driver waited for a signal to proceed, I saw a 47 bus passing through the intersection, moving up Pike. I was going to miss it.

While we waited, our driver lowered the poles from inside the bus. (That is so cool!) Just as he switched the motor over to battery power, a wire worker signaled for us to proceed.

I exited the bus and walked around the corner.

There was a 10 (a trolley bus) in the middle of the stop, with nothing ahead of it. I don’t know what was going on.

That 47 (another trolley bus) I’d seen earlier was in the center lane. It lowered its poles, and pulled around the 10. The driver got out as passengers were boarding, returned the poles to the wire, returned to his seat, the light turned green, and we proceeded.

The 10 was right behind us. Whatever it experienced didn’t last long.

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