Cross-Town Pizza Run

Colin and Sam invited Phillip and me for another dinner & game get-together yesterday evening. Yesterday morning, Sam learned that he would have to work late. Colin asked us to come over anyway.

We offered to provide dinner. Colin asked for pre-made pizza that we could pop in the oven.

Our first thought was to stop into our neighborhood QFC’s deli section and see what they had for pre-made pizzas. Then Phillip thought of Papa Murphy’s. In all of our lives, neither he nor I had ever been to a Papa Murphy’s. We knew they existed in Seattle, but we didn’t know where. We didn’t know how a Papa Murphy’s worked – their pizzas are uncooked and you take them home and bake them, we knew that much, but do they make the pizzas to order, or do they have them waiting on the shelves? We didn’t know.

Phillip turned to Google Maps. He found the closest Papa Murphy’s in Holman Road Square, in Crown Hill. Since navigation is usually my task, I also turned to Google Maps. Holman Road Square was out of our way, but not too far out of our way. Afterwards, it would be an easy drive up 3rd, and a turn on 130th, which merges into 125th, and right into the heart of Lake City, where Sam and Colin live.

We agreed on the Papa Murphy’s in Crown Hill. We had no idea how long the whole journey would take, however. The biggest unknown was how long Papa Murphy’s would take. We took a guess and left our apartment about 50 minutes before Colin was expecting us.

Because most of our journey would be east and west, the freeway wouldn’t have saved us much time, so I drove us from Capitol Hill to Crown Hill via surface streets.

Phillip and I walked into Papa Murphy’s together. There were four people in line at the cash registers. We decided on what we wanted to order, then Phillip walked over to QFC to buy drinks.

Three of the four people in line had pre-ordered their pizzas, so the wait in line wasn’t long. I placed our order: a large All-Meat Signature and a Chicken, Bacon, and Artichoke Specialty. That fourth person had picked up her order just as I walked over to wait for our order.

Our Signature pizza was off-the-self. Our Specialty was made-to-order. That answered that question. I didn’t notice how long it all took. It was quick. I’m guessing 10 to 15 minutes. (Maybe even not that long.)

I got to the car. I put our pizzas in the trunk. I snapped a quick “Randomness” photo. I was in the middle of sending Phillip a text message, saying that I was at the car, when Phillip walked out of QFC and spotted me.

We crossed over I-5 at the time we’d said we’d be at Colin’s place. We were a little late, but not too late.

Colin informed us that there’s a Papa Murphy’s in Lake City, about a half-mile from their place. (In hindsight, maybe we should have asked Google Maps for the closest one to them, not to us, but oh well.)

We had a great visit. The pizza was pretty good, and we saved some for Sam.

Colin and Phillip and I played a game of “Would You Rather?” and a game of Pandemic. Pandemic is a cooperative game, but, even with the three of us working together, we could not save the world.

Phillip drove us home. I cropped my “Randomness” photo, and uploaded it to this blog, as we passed through Maple Leaf. (Smart phones are cool.)

When we got home, Phillip had some work to do on the computer for NorWesCon, so I read a little, then went to bed, and saved this post for the next day.

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