A Couple Of Things To Catch Up On

Earlier this week, I received a lengthy reply from Metro Transit, about my latest complaint.

Once again, it said that the 47 didn’t show up because they didn’t have a driver for it.

The email also addressed, for the first time, my complaint about never receiving text alerts about service disruption on the 47. It said that Metro is hesitant to send out a notice that a trip has been cancelled, in case they find a driver at the last minute.

I appreciate that someone at Metro took the time to respond with such a lengthy email. (It was three paragraphs long!) I’m not buying it, though, and the next time this happens, I will complain again. The scenario of “not having a driver” tells me our bus is coming from the base – which should give enough time (however long it takes for a bus to drive from SoDo to Capitol Hill) to figure out a bus is not going to be sent out in time (or at all) and let the waiting passengers know.

Besides, if a text alert isn’t going to be used to let us know the bus isn’t going to show up, what’s the point of a text alert?

Ugh. Enough negativity.

Comics Grinder did not steer me wrong about Eternity Girl. I loved it!

The story is basically this: Caroline is seeing a psychiatrist. Caroline’s superhero identity is Chrysalis. She has the ability to shape shift. She was hired by a group known as Alpha 13 to stop a villain named Madam Atom, who has a machine capable of destroying time and space.

Caroline began having trouble controlling her power. Her inability to confine her matter-reconfiguring to just herself caused an incident at Alpha 13. She’s been placed on administrative leave until a therapist certifies her to go back to work.

Caroline is so distraught that she wants to kill herself. She’s immortal, however, and she can’t die. She doesn’t breathe, so hanging doesn’t work. She has no blood, so cutting herself has no effect. Jumps from high bridges won’t kill her.

Madam Atom offers to kill Caroline/Chrysalis.

I can’t wait until the second issue comes out!


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