A Relaxed Weekend Up North

Phillip and I drove to Everett Saturday morning, and spent the weekend with Kelly.

The three of us went to a potluck put on by Brian and Kathi. It was a fun, mellow event with a large portion of that circle of friends.

Aside from the potluck, and a shopping trip to Costco, Phillip and Kelly and I did nothing this weekend. We just talked, relaxed, watched a movie and a half, and thought up weird things for Kelly’s Alexa to say or do. (“Alexa, play the Hamster Dance.” “Alexa, where is the bathroom?” and so on.)

Phillip and I said goodbye to Kelly this afternoon, and I drove us home, via a short shopping trip in northern Everett and a stop a Lola’s pop-up shop in Lake City.

It’s been a great weekend.

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